BurnBright Partners

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Enabling professional and personal growth
               ... today, tomorrow, and into the future
Like many successful professionals you may have reached a plateau in your professional life, yet you feel that you have the desire and potential to do more …much, much more.  Or, you have some exciting opportunities that you want to make the most of.  Or perhaps you simply want to better align what you do professionally with who you are as a person.

BurnBright Partners provide consulting
and coaching to high-potential leaders (and their team if necessary). Our clients have strong desires to take their professional life to the next level, and realize facing significant challenges in people related business and organizational issues.

 Typical Clients

  • Reached a plateau: people with a long track record of success, who have reached a plateau in their career, yet feel that they have the desire and potential to do more, much more.
  • Opportunity driven: People have new leadership positions requiring skill sets outside their familiar domains of expertise.
  • Problem solving: People face specific and intractable challenges, and they try to figure out
    • What is holding me back?
    • What are my real options?
    • What specifically do I have to do to move forward?
Typical Focus Areas
  • Human Dynamics - Increase sensitivity to the overall environment and build skills for effectively navigating relationships.
  • Thinking Partners - Challenge the status quo while offering an alternative set of reference points and life experiences.
  • Safe Space - Provide a non-judgmental forum for objectively assessing solutions to critical business challenges.
  • New Challenges - Build supplemental skill sets to support new demands (expanded responsibility, new industry, changing culture).
  • New Opportunities - Help identify significant professional and personal development opportunities beyond the current horizon.
  • Team Development - Advance the skills of key team members as well as total group performance.