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Impact on Our Clients - examples

  Division President –  $150M Total Revenues
A top executive of a Fortune 500 company knew her personal and professional goals were becoming increasingly misaligned yet she struggled for years to find an acceptable resolution.  After initially creating a safe space for exploring her challenges, constraints, and goals, we worked with her as a thinking partner - asking critical questions, challenging assumptions, and offering alternative perspectives in order to define a more satisfying life plan.  In the end she made a dramatic change in her life when she decided to leave her Fortune 500 employer and successfully started a new venture.

  Program Manager – at a Top 10 University
After his phenomenal success in building a flagship program at the institution, he felt frustrated and less confident, because of some people and system problems. To address these issues, we created a safe space for him to explore underlying issues and balance his intuitive and critical thinking with his emotions, and then worked out a strategy and a tactical plan. Today he has clear articulation of his needs, desires and professional identity, as well as a solid vision for his future, and all the confidence to pursue it.

  Lead Project Manager – Aspiring Executive
Without some guidance her impact would have been significantly limited by her prior experience and self-imposed constraints, even though she had a fabulous growth opportunity at her new job. In this case, we worked with her to integrate her intuition and analytical thinking, draw out her entrepreneurial and strategic thinking potential, and provide her with processes for conceptual development of new business. In 6 months, she has built a solid foundation and is recognized as a key player in the company.

Our clients achieve their desired best case results …
and beyond.